Each day, the child (or parents) has the flexibility to choose the group of activities they want to do that day.
The different groups of activities on offer allow the children to enjoy a camp that adapts to suit them, their tastes and desires, with themes and tasks that most interest them. We have an extremely varied and fun programme.

  • STADIUM (Artificial turf field): Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Baseball, Archery, ...
  • PAVILION AND PADDLE COURTS: Five-a-side, Basketball, Handball, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Pingpong, Badminton, Paddle tennis, Archery ...
  • BEACH Games and Sports: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Beach Volleyball, Slackline, Sandcastles, Buckets and Spades, Swimming, Soccer & Beach Rugby, Softball, Frisbee, Bowls, ...
  • SWIMMING POOL “Las Palomas”: Swimming lessons, Water games, Crafts, Theater, Badminton, ...
  • ARTS AND CULTURE: Crafts, Painting, Theater, Excursions, Environmental Workshops ...
  • EXCURSION DAY: Marina del Este Beach, Castle, Boy Scout, Teambuilding games, Hiking, Ocean Awareness Project, ...
  • LANGUAGES AND STUDIES: Optional: Private classes in English, Spanish, Summer Review ...


The little ones can also choose amongst options adapted to their age. Just as we do with the older children, we take them to the different facilities, as well as the beach, but we're careful to keep things at their pace and pay particular attention to their needs. 

  • Children's sports and mobility games ...
  • Traditional and educational games.
  • Arts and Culture,…
  • Reading and Narration ...
  • etc...


We place great importance on safety. Many of our activities are related to swimming pools and the sea, so the specific monitors in these areas are certified as swim and / or lifeguard and first aid instructors, licensed by the I.N.E.F. or T.A.F.A.D, and are always present during water activities and sports.
Another important factor in safety is our very low average ratio of children per instructor. This in turn allows us to maintain high quality and a good environment for learning and fun.
Each monitor has the support of an assistant who does NOT have the same level of responsibility as the monitor, but facilitates the planning and development of the classes, allowing the monitors to concentrate and dedicate themselves effectively to the whole group.

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During the summer we have great pleasure in offering you the "Club-La Herradura" day camp.
The camp runs from Monday to Friday 10am-2pm or (with a minimum of 7 participants) there is an optional timetable of 9am-10am and/or 2pm-4pm.

For 10 years we have had the pleasure of being able to offer children and adolescents a wide variety of activities.
The children themselves can choose what they prefer, amongst the great range of activities on offer. In this way, we give them the flexibility to maximise their own fun.

Parents/children have the flexibility to enroll at very competitve rates, per day, week, or month (4 weeks).
We have special, even lower rates for those children who are local residents (registered in Almuñécar-La Herradura).

Facilities used

Throughout the summer we use a wide range of facilities and natural surroundings:

Base Camp :Pabello of the IES Villanueva del Mar
Team Sports :Estadio Municipal
Municipal stadium
Municipal paddle tennis courts
Pool:Las Palomas
Beach:Activ8You Nautical Zone